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I am a professional theatre dancer and do catering work on the side. I went to Lance because of stubborn low back pain from my catering job as well as for relief from a debilitating shoulder injury which I got from dancing. Especially from the shoulder pain I had, I couldn't move my right arm above the shoulder line because it was hurting so much. His work gave me immediate relief and vastly improved my strength ane range of motion! I can't thank him enough for his advice and fixing me!

N.H (Actor's Equity Member)


When I started seeing Lance, I was in bad shape. I had two ribs out, compressed vertebrae, and protruding discs. He explained that he had come back from similar injuries through physical therapy and massage thus avoiding surgery. He got my ribs back in place in about six weeks. It was amazing! He not only helped me physically but mentally with his positivity. If you need help, go see Lance!

Danny Chelse

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